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Do you love the spirit and energy that ArtPrize brings to Grand Rapids each fall? Has SiTE:LAB consistently been one of your favorite venues? Perhaps it’s time to act on your feelings and get involved with us!

SiTE:LAB is always looking for volunteers, especially as we gear up for ArtPrize at Rumsey Street Project. What can you do as a volunteer? The opportunities are endless. During the installation phase at Rumsey Street, you might end up painting, cleaning, assisting one of our artists during installation, building something, or using one of your unique skills to help out.

During ArtPrize, you can assist visitors as they navigate Rumsey Street Project, answering questions about the art installations, the artists and SiTE:LAB.  “Is this ArtPrize?” is one question you might hear a lot. Oh, and you’ll have fun!

This video by Josh Tyron and Aaron Smith at our volunteer outreach meeting on August 6, 2015 gives a quick introduction to some of our volunteers and why they volunteer with SiTE:LAB.

Get involved today by emailing volunteer@site-lab.org.

by Rachel Neva